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Bald Eagle In TreeRosh was training a new casual contractor that his firm had employed.

He usually gave his subordinates and trainees independence and discretion to get the work done in a manner they decided was best, once the targets, budgets and timelines had been discussed and work delegated.

But sometimes, like with this new person, he had to intervene more than usual.

He had received complaints that the new person had been taking overly long lunch, tea and smoking breaks.

Even when he worked, he seemed more interested in social conversations with colleagues and passing time rather than in getting things done.

This was beginning to impact on the group dynamic, besides delay the project due to bottlenecks his habits were starting to create.

Rosh discussed the issues with him and things improved for a while, but then he settled back into his old routines. "Get him to play fair," the director said to Rosh, "or get rid of him."

"I work harder," the contractor retorted when confronted, "harder than some of these full-timers here. I deserve my longer breaks. They over load me, then try and lord me over. It's not my fault my tasks aren't finished in time?"

"An eagle was sitting on a tree resting," answered Rosh, remembering an old online joke he'd read, "doing nothing. A little rabbit saw the eagle and asked him, "Can I also sit like you and do nothing?"

"Sure, why not," shrugged the eagle.

IMG_8497"So the rabbit sat around too," Rosh continued, "and rested. But all of a sudden, a fox appeared. He pounced on the rabbit and gobbled it up. Comprende?"

"No comprende," uttered the baffled contractor, "What's it got to do with me?"

"Even if you work as hard as everyone else buddy," said Rosh, "being high up has its privileges."

"The air up there is different. To be sitting and doing nothing, you need to be sitting very, very high up."

"So let's get cracking before the foxes arrive, shall we?"

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