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Foggy Morning at Harvest TimeHosh stood under a blanket of glistening stars. The birds slept. The sun had not yet awakened. A cool breeze gently touched his cheeks.

Uneasiness within their leaves suggested a silent conversation amongst the lofty, deep-rooted, apple trees.

They whispered silently into each other’s ears. “Shhh. Shhh.”

The ranges stood tall and silent. Asleep. The downcast grass was rolled up into a carpet covering the soil, as if snuggled up to the warm stillness.

Silence engulfed him. Only a soft subtle humming drifted across the grassland from a nearby tea-tree bush.

A few crickets lay nestled in the leaves. Hidden, despite the subdued moonlight.

Beside him, stood a towering man. Light grey smoke slowly escaped from his lips. The man had a clean-shaven face with a crop of short black hair.

His innocent brown eyes gazed at the horizon. His firm yet relaxed chest moved each time he breathed. In and out. In and out.

He lifted the smoldering cigarette to his mouth, took another puff, and blew the silvery streaks of smoke away from him. His mere presence radiated a tender gentleness. Hosh stood there bathing in it, not noticing the flight of time.

They stood under a cloudless blue sheet, which sparkled with orange hues as the sun climbed into the sky. It was cozy. Affectionate. Rainbows of birds were strung across the sky now. They chirped excitedly as they swooped down from the sky and danced on the arms of the now-quiet trees.

The trees were humbly bowed, offering their bright red juicy apples to the earth. The proud tree covered hills in the background stood protectively, dominating the landscape. Beads of dew rolled down from the now-upstanding grass. Their sharp blades reflected the sunlight onto the nearby bush, which was motionless. Quiet.

Crickets hopped happily into the small crevices amongst the thick bush leaves. The man beside Hosh flicked the cigarette butt into the grass. It seemed he was moving in slow motion when he turned his head to look at Hosh. His eyes smiled at Hosh.

Birds in an Orange SunriseAs they ambled back towards the house, he suddenly hugged Hosh and whispered, “I love you son.”

Hosh knew it already.

Isn’t it the love we feel that makes us notice serenity and observe the wonder around us? What do we see around us when we are depressed?

Hosh smiled.

He loved him too, and he knew that Rosh knew that too.

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