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Dancing Through the Light at Green Wood CemeteryYours Faithfully – a funny story with a retold joke about a miser who wanted his wealth buried with him.


His faithful wife kept her promise, but ...

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"He, he, he he," giggled Isha, poring into Rosh's work laptop.

"Will you let me focus?" Rosh grumbled. He had been trying to complete his project report.

"This joke is quite hilarious," she replied. "A miser gets outsmarted by his woman. Wanna know how?"

"Hmmm..." he stopped work, knowing he wouldn't be allowed to concentrate now anyway, until she had finished.

With a barely suppressed smile playing on her lips, she told him of this miser who dearly loved his money. He had worked all his life and saved all his money.

Just before he died, he had said to his wife, "Promise me love, that when I die, you will put away all my money into my casket with me. I won't have peace in the afterlife without it."

The loving wife had solemnly promised.

All things eventually reach their expiry date. When he had reached his, he too had expired.

So, he was laid out in his coffin. His wife sat there in the black, with her best friend beside her. When the ceremony finished and the undertakers were ready to close the casket, his wife walked over to the casket and placed a box inside it.

The undertakers locked the casket down and rolled it away.

When she returned to join the other mourners, her best friend whispered, "You are not foolishly sending him off with all his money now, I hope."

"My word is my bond," the faithful wife replied. "I promised him that I'll see him off with all his money with him, in his coffin. I keep my promises."

"You mean, you really did put all his money into the casket with him?" asked her shocked friend.

"I sure did," answered the wife. "I wrote him a check. If he can cash it, then he can spend it!"

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