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The domestic scene was becoming regular between Rosh and Isha.

Today's topic was who should brew the coffee every morning.

"You should do it," she reasoned, "because you get up first. Then we don't have to wait as long to get our coffee."

"You are in charge of cooking around here," he retorted, "You should do it, because that is your job. I will just have to wait for my coffee."

"No, you should do it," she insisted, "that way you learn and do at least some basic cooking. Then if I can't do it sometime, I can at least bank on you."

"Oh, you bank on me already," he argued, "Our arrangement is that you look after what's needed inside the home, and I take care of what needs to be done outside. Coffee making is inside."

"I do look after the inside," she contended, "Do I not do everything else? Coffee is different. It's too early in the morning and I can't get up that early. You are the early bird in this home."

coffee"That's your problem, not mine," he debated, "Do I ever come to you and say here's the money for rent, but you go get the money for power because that's different? Your duties are yours, mine are mine. Once we agreed, no moving the goalposts."

"Moving goal posts? What moving goal posts?" Isha countered, "It is an age old tradition. It even says so in the Bible, that the man brews the coffee."

"What?" Rosh was dumbfounded, "I can't believe that. Show me."

So she fetched the Bible, and opened the New Testament. And page after page, it said indeed ... "Hebrews".

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