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What Is the Most Dangerous Dog of All TimeExecutive decisions screw the minions regardless of who is at fault.


A dictator’s minister avoids being mauled by dogs, but Rosh is dubious of the story message...

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“There’s no loyalty in the business world today,” Rosh was furious. “I told them what was wrong with their planning, and they shunted me off the research project.”

“Maybe they already knew,” Isha looked at him sympathetically. “They just didn’t want anyone to say it out loud.”

“What is the point of asking my opinion in the project meeting, when they didn’t want to hear it. Those who want no answers, should ask no questions,” Rosh muttered bitterly.

He walked over to his liquor cabinet, poured himself a strong drink and contemplated it silently.

“Six months,” he scowled. “Wasting my sweat and blood for these idiots. Ungrateful sods.”

“A dictator had a pack of trained German Shepherds,” Isha responded, trying to placate him. “He used them to torture, maim and kill all ministers who displeased him.”

“Throwing irritating ministers to the dogs had started as a punishment, but as he began to engage in it more and more, it became his sport.”

“Once, his wisest minister gave him an opinion, which he didn’t like at all. So, he ordered that this minister be thrown to the dogs too.”

“I served you faithfully for 10 years and you do this?” the wise minister was shocked. “At least, give me 10 days to sort out my final affairs before you throw me to your dogs!”

“The minister wasn’t lying. He had served the dictator well. The dictator paused, and uncharacteristically agreed to postpone the minister’s fate by 10 days.”

'It would have been better for me, had I served a dog,' the minister thought, as he walked home despondently. 'At least, they are more loyal than men.'

As these thoughts swirled around in his troubled mind, he had an inspiration. He went to the caretaker in charge of the dictator’s dog pack, and told him that he wanted to learn how to serve vicious dogs, before he died.”

“The caretaker was baffled and afraid."

"These are dangerous animals," he admonished the minister. "You know nothing about hunting dogs. I can't really let you put your life in danger like that."

"What does it matter?" the minister sighed. "I am a doomed man anyway. At least, honor a dying man’s last wish."

"The caretaker too, had heard the news of the minister's fate by now. Strange though his request was, this minister had been a good and wise man. So, he agreed reluctantly.”

“For the next 10 days, the minister learnt how to feed the dogs, clean them, wash them, groom them, play with them. He spent most of his time with the dogs, looking after them and caring for them.”

“The 10 days were soon up. When it was time, the dictator had the minister brought to the torture chamber and had the dogs released on him.”

“But everyone was stunned at what happened next. Instead of viciously tearing him apart, as they did their other victims, the dogs leaped around the minister in joy, playfully licking his face, his arms, his feet.”

The dictator was befuddled by all this.

“What happened to the dogs?” he barked.

“I served you for 10 years and you forgot it all,” the minister answered. “I served them for 10 days, and they remembered.”

“The dictator realized his mistake and set the minister free. With time, the worst of us realize our mistakes and will make amends. Give them time.”

“Some never realize,” Rosh retorted, finally picking up his drink. “And even when they do, it can be too little too late.”

“Did this manager give me three hours? No! I served him for three months. Just one step out of line, and I was sidelined in three seconds. Once the management has decided something, it is decided. Even when they are wrong, it is you that gets screwed.”

"No Isha, I don't want to be screwed all my life. This company can probably find better workers than me. I can certainly find better masters than them. But my tolerance of morons is eroding fast. I am tiring of trying to find new jobs. Maybe I wasn't designed to serve masters."

“Give them time," Isha reasoned. "Time heals."

“With time, they will only get bolder," he shook his head. “When you settle for less than what you deserve, you end up getting even less than what you had originally settled for!”

'Oh God,' she realized suddenly. 'He's going to do it again. He's thinking of quitting his job.'

"When they realize their mistake…” she tried desperately, clutching at straws.

"They'll get wolves instead …” he cut her off and walked out alone into the garden with his drink.

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