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Loving Couple‘The Considerate Husband’ is an effort to understand the female mind!


Funny story on how the final 3 wishes of a dying man were interpreted by his loving wife...

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"Women fool men," Rosh teased, "and when they are not fooling them, they are fooling around with them."

"Women don't need to make fools out of men," Isha retorted laughingly. "Most men are the do-it-yourself types."

"Is that what women think?" he asked. "That empathy is foolishness. Kindness is lost upon an ungrateful soul."

“Not true,” she fought back. "Women appreciate kindness, and they know how to show their gratitude."

"How?" he asked.

"Well," she replied. "I recently read of a widow telling her friends what a wonderful, empathetic, and considerate husband her man had been."

"He thought of everything," the widow told her friends. "Just before he died, he called me to his bedside, and handed me a sealed envelope."

"Love," he said. "It contains a Memorandum of my last three wishes. Promise me, that after I am gone, you will open it and do exactly as I have instructed. Then, I can go in peace."

"So I promised," she said. "And he found peace. God bless his thoughtful soul."

"What were his last wishes?" her friends asked.

"The first was: Buy a nice coffin," she replied. "So I bought the most expensive casket I could find. Lovely look. Luxurious lining. Smart style. He would have liked that, wouldn't he?"

"The second was: Buy a nice funeral. So I bought the most expensive service I could find. With all his favorite foods for everyone attending. He would have loved that, wouldn't he?"

"And the third wish?" asked her friends.

"The third was: Buy a nice stone. So I bought the most expensive stone, the rest of his money could buy."

She flashed her breathtaking diamond at her friends, and said, "He would have been proud of that, wouldn't he?"

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