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Cute highland bullFunny Story: Permission To Drive Car


How to say No to your kids?


Retold Bible joke about a minister’s son who was told to get a haircut to drive his father’s car

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"I'm a little worried," Rosh confessed. "Hosh has become over-confident and casual with his driving, ever since he received his driving license. I don't really want him driving around unsupervised yet."

"Then don't give him your car to drive," Isha answered. "He's got no car of his own. So, he won't be driving."

"Everything is so black and white to you," Rosh retorted. "How do I explain my 'No', without breaking his self-confidence?"

"Then don't explain it," she looked up at him from her sewing.

He looked at her quietly but said nothing. She sensed his discomfort.

"Just tell him plainly that he can't drive unsupervised, until you are satisfied that he is disciplined enough to drive safely while alone," she clarified. "Better safe than sorry."

"Yea," Rosh hesitated. "But he's got his driving license now. If an independent assessor has given the green signal, and I stop him now, I become the bad guy. Also, I don't really want him to doubt his ability."

"I was reading of a young man once," she replied, "who had just gotten his driving license. He asked his father, a minister, if he could use his car."

"I'll make a deal with you, said his father. You get your grades up, study the Bible diligently, and get your hair cut. Then we'll talk about it."

"What's the point?" Rosh asked, irritated. "My son is good. There is nothing I want from him, nothing I want him to change. And I want to give him my car, unconditionally..."

"I know that," Isha clarified. "But it buys you time. It gives you a tool to delay, what you don't want him to do right now."

He looked at her again, beginning to see her point. Nodding finally, he asked her, "And what happened to the minister's boy?"

"Months passed," she answered. "The boy came through with flying colors. He went back again to his father and asked if he could use his car now."

"I'm real proud of you, my boy," said his father. "You've got your grades up. You've studied your Bible diligently. But you didn't get your hair cut!"

"Yea Dad," the young man replied. "I've been thinking about that. You know, Samson had long hair. Moses had long hair. Noah had long hair. Even Jesus had long hair...."

"Yea?" interrupted his father. "And they walked everywhere they went!"

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