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“How was your day today at kindy?” Isha asked Josh, while picking him up from the catholic kindergarten.

“Crap!”, Josh answered, “Jignesh won a chocolate fish!!”

“A chocolate fish?” Isha asked. “How did he win that?”

“Well," Josh replied. "The teacher said she would give a chocolate fish to the child who could tell her, who was the most famous man who ever lived."

'A chocolate fish, wow!' thought Isha. 'We never got spoiled by teachers like that, back in our time in India. But competitions were always fun, even then.' 

“So, what happened then?” she asked.

Josh took a customary deep breath and quickly told her what had transpired today in his class:

The new American girl put her hand up and said, "It was Abraham Lincoln."

And the teacher shook her head.

The Aussie boy put his hand up and said, "It was Don Bradman."

And the teacher shook her head.

The Samoan girl put up her hand and said, "Dwayne Johnson."

And the teacher shook her head.

The Chinese boy put up his hand and said, "It was Jet Li."

And the teacher shook her head.

Then the Maori girl put up her hand and said, "Sonny Bill Williams."

And the teacher still shook her head.

Then Alan stood up and said, "Kate Sheppard."

The teacher told him to pay attention to the question next time. Kate wasn’t even a man.

Then I stood up and said, "Humpty Dumpty."

And the teacher just stared at me. She didn’t even shake her head.

“But why Humpty Dumpty?” Isha asked.

“Oh, I couldn’t decide between the remaining, and it was only Jignesh and I left by then. Anyways, all the kids in the class nodded. They had all heard of him. It was so unfair!"

"Even the kids in the primary school next door had all heard of Humpty Dumpty. I know of no one who hasn’t heard of Humpty Dumpty, especially after he had his great fall.”

Is It Really That Funny?!“But how did Jignesh win?” Isha asked, “Who did he say it was?”

“He said it was Jeejus Christ," Josh fumed, “And the teacher agreed and gave him the chocolate fish."

"But he's always going on about Krishna being the greatest. So, later I asked him why he said it was Jesus Christ?"

“And what did he say?” Isha was beside herself in amazement.

He said, “Yea, in my heart I knew it was Lord Kishna, but bijness is bijness!"

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