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2013_11_270020 - business sharks"I don't like his girlfriend!" Rosh fumed.

"Well, he does!" objected Isha, "And, he's entitled to his own choice without deserving your anger. Whom should your son ask what he desires, if not you?"

"He can ask, but asking doesn't always have to end in getting what was asked. If a diabetic wants sweets, should the doctor prescribe them?" Rosh was still furious.

"No," said Isha, "But there are ways to say no, and ways to get things done. Don't try and tackle everyone head on. That is a Win-Lose confrontation."

"For someone to win, someone will have to lose. You'll lose either way, head-butting people you care about so deeply."

"You've got any better solutions?" Rosh asked, a little pacified.

"Not solutions. Those, you must find your own with your son," Isha answered, "but I can show you how things can be done differently."

"Go on", he said.

"Well, here's a funny as an example. A smart businessman wants his son to marry a girl of his choice. But like your son, his son has his own ideas."

"I want you to marry a girl of my choice," says the father.

"No, it's my marriage. I'll choose my own bride," the son is adamant.

"But, what if the girl is Bill Gates’ daughter."

"Ummm," the son is stumped, "in that case..."

"You're joking," interrupted Rosh, "Don't Bill Gates and his daughter have a say in the matter?"

"Well, there's a work around that too," continued Isha, "All fathers want the best for their offspring. Bill's no exception. Our businessman can approach Bill with a proposition he can't refuse."

"Like what? Don Corleone!” Rosh smiled at Isha's Godfather tone.

"I have a husband for your daughter," he'll say to Bill.

"But I've got to ask my daughter first?" Bill might object.

"But this young man is a vice-president of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet's flagship."

"Ummm, in that case..." Bill would be hooked.

"Woman!" Rosh was laughing now, "You'll get me banished from Eden again with advice like that."

"Don't get me started on that," Isha fought back, "You can eat your apple, or you can leave it for Bill. No one's pushing you."

"Hell hath no fury like yours," Rosh guffawed, "But what must Bill tell his daughter now?"

"That's Bill's problem," Isha flashed, "He can pay for his own counsel. I counsel only my own poor master."

Laughter thundered in the house, as Rosh boomed at her nipping.

"That still leaves Warren," he said finally, wanting to leave no loose ends, "Why should he sanction the vice-presidency of any Tom, Dick and Harry?"

"Because it's no Tom, Dick and Harry," Isha retorted, "this deserving young man was chosen by Bill Gates to be his son-in-law."

"Umm..." Rosh conceded, "I see your point ...."

"It's no longer 'who you know'," she drove home the point, "but 'who you marry'."

He pulled her to him, and whispered "I married a temptress. She might make a sinner out of me?"

"Entertain not sin," she warned, "lest you like its reward."

"Try me, darling Sheila!", he purred, "Now just give me the chocolate, and nobody gets hurt."

"You wish", she pushed him away.

When the titans clashed thereafter, all business was suspended for the rest of the day.

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