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Four CandlesThe story of The Four Candles.


Darkness breeds fear. But so long as there is Hope ...


... Peace, Faith and Love can be rekindled again in Life.

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Hosh came and sat beside his father when the other two had left the room.

He took his weak hands in his own, and willed his comforting warmth and understanding to flow through.

“I read the story of The Four Candles recently," he began to speak softly. "Four candles burned slowly in a room. Their ambiance so soft, you could hear them speak.”

"The first candle was Peace."

“Nobody wants me these days,” its flame whispered sadly. “The world is full of anger and fighting.”

"It diminished slowly and went out completely."

"The second candle was Faith."

“I am no longer needed," it lamented. “Trust is dead, belief has gone from this world.”

"Unneeded, unheeded, its flame slowly weakened too. It coughed finally and died."

"The third candle was Love."

'I feel powerless too,' it thought sadly. 'People don't care about me, don't understand me anymore. They even forget to love those who are nearest to them.'

"Suffocated by emotion, it sputtered out completely."

"A child entered the room and saw that three out of four candles were no longer burning. Shadows that were creeping up on the walls, leapt at him now."

"Suddenly afraid of the growing darkness, the kid began to cry."

"Why are you not burning?” he implored the dead candles. “You were supposed to guide me until the end."

"The flame of the fourth candle flickered up as it heard this."

“Do not be afraid,” it said gently. “For I am Hope, and while I still burn, we can rekindle the others."

“Through tear-filled eyes, the kid peered at the last burning candle. Scared to put it out when he moved it, he stood rooted at his spot."

“Come here child,” Hope beckoned again compassionately. "Be strong. Look, I'm still alive and well."

"Gingerly, the child picked it up and re-lit the other candles. Life brightened up again, dispelling darkness from the furthest corners of the room."

"Joy returned to his heart, and he was strong and content once again."

A solitary tear broke out of the corner of his father's eye.

"Keep Hope alive," he nudged him gently. "So long as there is Hope, all of us can live again with Peace, Faith and Love. Recover from the darkness, recoup our lives."

“Yeah,” Rosh sighed. “Never let the flame of Hope go out, no matter how bad things turn out to be. With hope firmly in your grasp, Peace, Faith and Love can be rekindled again and again.”

He hugged his son, and lay back. He felt tired. Very tired.

"Go now," he said, "and rest. You've had a long day. You must be tired."

Hosh kissed his father's hand, got up and walked quietly out of his room.

‘You are my light,’ Rosh prayed silently. ‘You are my hope. Stay always in my heart. Forgive all my wrongs and guide me, so I can do what you want me to do for you now.’

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