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Eagle'I am afraid to take this leap of faith. You say that the eagle alone can look into the sun. And the sun rejuvenates its eyes. But I am weak and fearful."


"If I am no eagle, the sun will scorch mine. And smite them down for my arrogance."

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Although Rosh was recovering well physically, a deep darkness clouded his mind. He saw, yet did not observe. He heard, yet did not listen.

He went through the motions of life, but only like an unfeeling machine. He could not tell others how he felt, because he didn't know it himself yet.

He was sleeping, when his family came to see him the next day. Leaving Hosh with his sleeping father, Isha went to see the doctor.

Hosh sat down beside his father's bed and just watched him breathe. In and out. In and out. At rest and at peace, like a child.

His chest rose and fell in a steady rhythm, but then the rhythm broke momentarily. Startled by the slight break in motion, Hosh looked up at his father.

Rosh had come awake and was looking directly at him. A slow smile of recognition spread across his face. He beckoned to his son.

Hosh got up from his chair and sat down beside him on his bed. He clasped his hands, and asked, "How are you feeling today, Pa?"

"Good," answered Rosh, "Better, now that you are here."

"I brought something to show you," said Hosh, "Can you sit up?"

When Rosh nodded and sat up, Hosh opened the laptop he had brought with him, and played a PowerPoint presentation titled, "Revival of the eagle".

It showed a majestic predator, faced with a mid-life crisis in its 40s. It must make a hard decision. Its long and flexible talons can no longer grab their prey and its long sharp beak has become bent with age.

Its aged wings, too heavy with their thick feathers, can't fly easily anymore. The eagle faces two choices: do nothing and die, or begin on a four month long painful journey of change.

The eagle flies to its nest atop a high mountain. It plucks out its talons and shatters its beak by striking it against the rocks. Then it waits and molts. It sheds its old feathers and slowly new ones grow.

A new beak and talons emerge painfully slowly. Thus reborn, the eagle soars majestically once again high above the winds, and goes on to live the second half of its life successfully. With grace and dignity.

'Why is change needed?' the presentation asks. It answers with a concluding message:

'Sometimes to survive, we must start a change process. And rid ourselves of unpleasant memories, limiting beliefs, and fixed mind sets.'

'Traditions and old habits may be holding us back. Only free from past burdens, can we take advantage of the present.'

'Begin a new journey. Open up your mind, and you will soar high again like the eagle.'

Rosh lay back on his bed in silence. Slowly he pulled Hosh to his chest and hugged his son.

"Thank you," he whispered, "I hear you."

"Eagles don't pluck their talons or shatter their beaks. But I see now that I must. For those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not be faint (Isaiah 40:31)."

He closed his weary eyes. He needed to see, so he could see again. But he couldn't get new eyes, until he stared in his past like the Biblical eagle had stared in the sun.

'Oh Augustine!' he thought, 'I am afraid to take this leap of faith. You say that the eagle alone can look into the sun. And the sun rejuvenates its eyes.'

'But I am weak and fearful. If I am no eagle, the sun will scorch my eyes. And smite them down for my arrogance.'

'Face your fears', a quiet voice spoke inside his head. But his fear tuned it out, and the demons took hold of him again.

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