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UntitledLet the song arise, let the instrument play.


Osho’s poetry extols intoxication – whether in communion or committal.


Spiritual story which became a love story ...

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"You’ve drunk too much again today, Rosh!" Isha complained.

“It was free,” Rosh swayed towards the bedroom. “What’s more, or less, when it’s free?”

“The booze was free, but the body was your own,” Isha followed him in. “See, how your feet stray!”

“Swaying in bliss, and yet awake too,” Rosh said, as he pulled her in his arms. “I am dancing, and meditating at the same time. Even letting go is fun, when there is someone to take care of you…”

“Meditation?” Isha wrestled with his bear hug. “You are miles away from meditation. Call it intoxication…”

“Intoxication then,” Rosh laughed boisterously. “It’s no less than meditation for me. Osho recited a beautiful poem on intoxicatedness once.”

Geet Ko Uthne Do, Saaz Ko Chhid Jaane Do…

Let the song arise, and let the instrument play…

Chuppi Ko Chhune Do, Lafzon Ke Narm Taron Ko
Aur Lafzon Ko, Chuppi Ki Ghazal Gaane Do.

Let silence touch the soft strings of words. And let words sing the song of silence.

Khol Do Khidkiyan Sab, Aur Utha Do Parde
Nayi Hawa Ko Zara, Band Ghar Me Aane Do

Open all the windows, and raise all the drapes. Let fresh air enter the closed home.

Chhat Se Hai Jhank Rahi, Kab Se Chandni Ki Pari
Diya Bujha Do, Use Aangan Me Utar Aane Do.

The moonlight fairy has long been peeping down from the rooftop. Put out the lamp, and let her alight in the courtyard.

Fizan Mein Chhane Lagi Hai, Bahaar Ki Rangat
Juhi Ko Khilne Do, Champa Ko Mehak Jaane Do

The hues of spring have begun to color the air. Let Jasmines blossom, and Plumerias become fragrant.

Zara Sambhalne Do, Mira Ki Thirakti Payal
Zara Gautam Ke Sadhe Paaon, Behak Jaane Do

Let Meera’s dancing anklets steady a bit, and Buddha’s steady feet sway a little.

Isha twisted and wriggled out of his embrace. He laughed and began to undress.

“Recite more…” she smiled mischievously.

Rosh laughed, and sank tiredly into his bed. Then added:

Hanste Othon Ko, Zara Chakhne Do Ashkon Ki Nami
Aur Num Aankhon Ko, Zara Fir Se Muskurane Do

Let laughing lips taste some moist tears, and let the moist eyes smile a little again.

Dil Ki Baten, Kabhi Jharne Do Harsingaaron Si
Bina Baaton Ke Kabhi, Aankh Ko Bhar Aane Do

Let emotions shower like night-blooming jasmines. Let the eye water without cause sometimes.

Raat Ko Kehne Do, Kaliyon Se Raaz Ki Batein
Gulon Ke Hothon Se, Un Raazon Ko Khul Jaane Do

Let the night whisper its secrets to the buds. Let them be revealed off the lips of the flowers.

Zara Zameen Ko Ab Uthne Do, Apne Paaon Par
Zara Aakash Ki Bahon Ko Bhi, Jhuk Jaane Do

Let the earth rise, on its own feet. Let the arms of sky, bow down too.

“Recite more…” she came and sat beside him.

“Can’t recall all of it verbatim now,” Rosh laughed. “I’ll mix it up, if I try.”

“Mix it up then,” Isha laughed too. “No one’s complaining here.”

Rosh smiled. And continued:

Kabhi Mandir Se Bhi Uthne Do, Azaan Ki Awaz
Kabhi Masjid Ki Ghantiyon Ko Bhi, Baj Jaane Do

Let the Azaan (call for mosque prayers) arise sometimes from the temple. Let the mosque bells tinkle too sometimes (or, let the temple bells resonate in the mosque).

Pinjre Ke Toton Ko, Dauhrane Do Jhoothi Baten
Apni Maina Ko To, Par Khol Chahchahaane Do

Let the caged parrots repeat their lies. But allow your Myna to open her wings and sing its song.

Unko Karne Do, Murda Rasmon Ki Barbadi Ka Ghum
Hamen Nayi Zamin, Naya Aasman Banane Do

Let them lament over the destruction of dead rituals. Let us break new ground, create new horizons.

Ek Din Unko Utha Lenge, In Sar Aankhon Par
Aaj Zara Khud Ke To, Paaon Ko Sambhal Jaane Do

We’ll lift and support them one day. Just let us find our own feet today.

Zara Sagar Ko Baras Jaane Do, Ban Ke Baadal
Aur Baadal Ki Nadi, Saagar Me Kho Jaane Do

Let the ocean rain down as a cloud. And the river of clouds lose itself in the ocean.

Isha lay down beside him. Listening to his voice, lying by his side, touching him, hugging him, gave her great contentment. Rosh’s hands crawled on her body. Unaware of her thoughts, he continued:

Zara Chanda Ki Narm Dhoop Me, Sekne Do Badan
Zara Suraj Ki Chandni Me, Bheeg Jaane Do

Let me tan my body in the soft sunlight of the moon. Let me drench in the moonlight of the sun.

Usko Khone Do, Jo Ki Paas Kabhi Tha Hi Nahi
Jisko Khoya Hi Nahi, Usko Fir Se Paane Do

Let what we never had, be lost. Let what we never lost, be found again.

Ye Sach Hai Ki Hum, Ho Gaye Unke Deewane
Ab Unko Bhi Kuchh, Hosh Me Aa Jaane Do

Tis true, that we are crazy about them. Let them too, come to their senses now.

Kadvi Zaroor Hai, Mai Mere Saaki Ki
Rang Layegi, Gar Saanson Me Utar Jaane Do

Tis true, that the wine of my taverner is bitter. But it’ll work, if you let it descend through you.

Chhalkenge Jaam, Jab Chayegi Khumari Khulkar
Zara Maikharo Ke Paimano Ko, Sambhal Jaane Do
Zara Saaki Ke, Tevar To Badal Jaane Do…

Goblets will spill over, when tipsiness spreads unhindered. Let the glasses of drunkards steady a bit. Just let the mood of the Saaqi (taverner) change…

Isha became his Saqi. Rosh was thirsty anyway. Intoxication spread its sheet and devoured them both.

The night was long, black. Wrinkles forming and fading on the bedsheets were lost in its inky blackness.

'Drink!' The breeze whispered. 'And live!'

Moonlight crooned:

Na Rahe Maikhana, Na Maikhwaar, Na saaki, Na sharab
Nashe Ko Aisi Bhi, Ek Had Se Guzar Jaane Do

Let neither the tavern remain. Nor the drinker, the taverner, the liquor. Let intoxication cross a limit like that too.

Unko Gaane Do Mera Geet, Apne Hothon Se
Mujhe Unke Sannate Ko, Gungunane Do

Let them sing my song with their lips. Let me hum their silence…

Geet Ko Uthne Do, Saaz Ko Chhid Jaane Do…

Let the song arise, and let the music begin…

Songs played that night. Instruments sang. Glasses overflowed till late. Intoxication was such, that neither the tavern, nor the drinker, the booze-provider, or the wine remained.

And the hangover? It was still strong the next morning. Rosh arrived at work late, but in high spirits…

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