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  • Hosh Story

    Hosh story. TaleTown multimedia English short stories & tales of or about Hosh

  • How to Learn

    TaleTown stories on how to learn, how to study and how to understand. Retold tales with study tips, learning skills & study jokes

  • How to Teach

    TaleTown stories on how to teach, how to train, or how to coach. Retold tales on how to simplify, with teaching quotes, teaching skills & teaching tips

  • Indian Stories

    Indian stories, tales from India, stories about India or Indians, British India, or the Indian subcontinent before or after partition.

  • Inspirational Stories

    John Richardson: There are three kinds of people - those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened.

    TaleTown brings you inspiring real life stories and biographies of movers & shakers. Inspirational stories, motivational stories. Tales with celebrity quotes & celebrity sayings of famous people

  • Interesting Stories

    Cool, interesting short stories created by Life, crafted by the Living. TaleTown multimedia English stories & retold tales. Be Inspired, Entertained, Informed!

  • Isha Story

    Isha story. TaleTown multimedia English short stories & tales of or about Isha

  • Islamic Stories

    TaleTown stories on Islam, Islamic belief & practice, Sufi and Muslim culture, retold tales with Islamic quotes from Holy Quran, Islamic philosophy & Sufism

  • Josh Story

    Josh story. TaleTown multimedia English short stories & tales of or about Josh

  • Kabir Story

    Kabir story. TaleTown multimedia English short stories & tales of or about Kabir

  • Krishna & Gita

    Krishna Stories & tales with insightful sayings, teachings and quotes of Lord Krishna from Mahabharat, Bhagavat Puran, Bhagavad Gita & other sacred Hindu texts.

  • Life Skills

    TaleTown.Org multimedia English short stories & tales on skills, life skills, learning skills & skills management

  • Love & Romance

    Selected TaleTown short stories and retold tales of love and romance. Love stories. Romantic stories. Stories of passion or compassion.

  • Mahabharat Stories

    TaleTown stories on or about tales from Hindu epic Mahabharat (For Krishna stories - See Krishna & Gita, for Hindu stories from Ramayan, Puranas specifically - see Hindu Mythology, For Upanishad stories with Vedic philosophy – See Vedic Philosophy)

  • Money Management

    TaleTown.Org multimedia English short stories on money management, how to make money, how to get rich, cash management & asset protection, retold tales with money quotes, money tips & money jokes

  • Moral Of The Story

    What is the moral of the story? TaleTown multimedia English short stories with moral & retold stories with morals. Meaningful stories & scholastic tales with morals. (For Moral Stories specifically - See Moral Stories)

  • Moral Stories

    Moral stories. Multimedia tales on ethics, morality & moral values. Short stories about good and evil, right and wrong, character building, virtues & justice. (For stories with a moral, message or learning - see Stories With Morals)

  • Mulla Nasruddin

    Witty stories & retold tales from across the world on, of or about Mulla Nasruddin (Nasreddin Hodja, Mulla Nasrudin, Hoca Nasreddin, or Mullah Nasir ud din)

  • New Zealand Story

    TaleTown.Org multimedia English short stories & retold tales about New Zealand or Kiwis, in, on, or of New Zealand, set in New Zealand, from New Zealand, mentioning New Zealand, or related in any way to NZ, New Zealand, or Kiwi people or culture

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