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Akbar Birbal

Witty Akbar Birbal stories and retold tales on, of or about Akbar Birbal

  • Aesop And Birbal

    Portrait of Aesop by Velázquez in the Prado. Public Domain. Velázquez - Esopo (Museo del Prado, 1639-41).jpg

    Aesop was born around 620 B.C., and was a slave by birth.

    In those days, you were born a slave if you were the son of a slave, just like you are born a Hindu if you are the son of a Hindu.

  • Fetch Him At Once

    The Secret Rooms of Akbar's Palace at Fatehpur Sikri"Did you hear what Jahanpanaah just said?" he asked the guard.

    The guard nodded.

    "Then go and fetch him at once," the attendant ordered.

  • Logic Only Reduces Risk

    Palace complexIn life and in business, logic only helps reduce risk.

    Risk can never be eliminated.

    Birbal shows how better decision-making comes from keeping perspective.

  • Stories Are Coming

    taletown.org snakeA variety of new stories in the pipeline.

  • Taxing Questions

    Saint Johns Easter muralTax Planning Story: Taxing Questions

    How much tax is too much tax?

    Josh ponders on Mahesh Das's tax burden.


  • The Birth Of Birbal

    Diwan-e-Aam"Then half he shall have," growled Akbar, "immediately!"

    At the snap of his fingers, soldiers rushed out to the gate and hastily hauled the fearful guard back with them.

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