Moral Stories

Moral stories. Multimedia tales on ethics, morality & moral values. Short stories about good and evil, right and wrong, character building, virtues & justice. (For stories with a moral, message or learning - see Stories With Morals)

  • Ankara's Kocatepe MosqueInsightful story: Drink In The Mosque

    Is any place holier than other?

    Funny tale with Urdu Shayari Of Ghalib, Mir, Iqbal, Faraz & Wasi on where to drink alcohol

  • snakeA variety of new stories in the pipeline.

  • FireBuddhist Story: The Burden

    Most burdens we carry, like anger, are burdens of the mind.

    Leave them behind to move on...

  • Old HandsAre parents like the playgrounds?

    Milestones you have passed in your journey of life. And subsequently forgotten…

  • Gurdas Maan, live in concert.Roti Magar, meaning the quest for Roti, is a beautiful Punjabi poem written & sung by Gurdas Maan on the ethos of sustenance.

    Rosh translates & explains lyrics

  • baba farid ji..Baba Farid’s song ‘Turia Turia Ja Farida’ is a collection of some Sufi Faridi hymns or Farid Bani.

    Rosh explained the lyrics as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s soulful voice danced out on the airwaves.

  • Muddy PathSpiritual Story: Unsoiled By Muddy Paths

    How do some walk the murky walks of life without being stained?

    Kabir delivers his wife to a lusty grocer to repay debt