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When is our Ordeal going to be Over? (the Surreal Swallows Series Continued)"No one understands me," Josh moaned grumpily, "Everyone is always crapping out on me, and I've got to put up with all their shit."

"Surely, not all of them do that," Rosh reasoned with his son, "not if they are really your friends."

"I am not even sure who is really my friend anymore. Looks like when they do help me, it isn't cos they are standing by me, but because they want something from me. It's cos they want me to be there to help them with their work."

"People will do what they want to do anyway," Rosh said, "you have no control on that, nor can you really know their reasons."

"It is good that you are able to see through motives but it is also important to remain humble and conscious that you can make judgment errors too."

"People feel good and want to help you more when you smile and shake their hand, drink their coffee and graciously accept support whenever it is offered, regardless of their motivation behind it. Sometimes with our arrogant attitude or words, we can dig our own graves deeper."

"Having to put up with shit, and deal with people crapping out on you isn't always bad. Reminds me of a funny story I heard in the movie Assassins."

"Once it was so cold in winter, a little swallow froze at its perch on a branch and fell on the earth."

"While it lay frozen there, a bull passed by and pooped on the little bird."

"The little birdie felt like the sky had fallen on her, but the pile of dung was quite warm and actually thawing her out."

"So she lay there in the bullshit, all warm and happy, and began to sing with joy. A passing barnyard cat heard the bird chirping and came to investigate. It cleared the manure and discovering the chirpy bird, promptly dug it out and ate it."

cold bullocks"Now, what do you think was the moral of the story?" asked Rosh.

"Don't start chirping," offered Josh, "until you're completely out of shit."

"Singing Hallelujahs can be dangerous in the wrong places and at the wrong times."

"And," concluded Josh, "... not everyone who shits on you is your enemy."

"Yeah," agreed Rosh, "shit ain’t all that bad. Life awakens in it and is fertilized by it."

"Bullshit can also reinvigorate and fill one up with warm glows - like it did the swallow."

"But try learning how to doze in it quietly. Not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend either."

"So, regardless of where you are in life, when you're in deep shit, it's best to keep your mouth shut."

"If everyone who shits on you might not be your enemy," Josh asked, "and everyone who gets you out of shit might not be your friend, then how do you tell a friend from foe?"

"Through their actions," answered Rosh, "although words and body language tell a vivid story too, if you are really listening. Do you know how to really listen?"

"No!" said Josh, "Teach me how to do that Pa. Is it easy?"

"Sure. It's easy if you know how to," said Rosh, "But that's a story I'll tell you another day."

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