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May 14th 2008 - I Am Jack's Smirking RevengeRevenge isn't best served cold.


It is best not served at all, Hosh realizes. A lot could have gone wrong...


An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind!

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It was well past six o'clock. The alarm still hadn’t gone off. Something had gone terribly wrong.

Anxiety replaced anticipation and began to tear Hosh apart. Had he been caught?

The deathly silence in the house was killing him. He had been expecting pandemonium, but the only chaos he experienced right now was happening within his tiny skull.

Unable to bear the wait any longer, he decided to face his future head on. He got out of his bed, dressed again and walked into Rosh’s bedroom with an unsteady tread.

All seemed well here. The enemy was snoring, unaware of any danger. Then, why hadn’t the damn alarm gone off?

He grabbed the alarm clock and rushed out to safety, hopeful once again. All was not lost yet. It could all still happen as he had planned.

He opened the back of the clock and checked the batteries. They were working fine.

'What is the problem then?' he mused frantically. Bit by bit, he carefully reexamined the clock’s internals.

‘Nothing wrong with this stupid thing,’ he concluded, as it ticked away at its normal steady beat.

‘What then?’ he racked his brain and suddenly remembered. He had been so absorbed in his own machinations yesterday that the dinner table talk hadn’t registered.

Enveloped by a fog of his own plans, he had overheard Rosh telling Isha that his shift roster had changed. He must be going to work later, so he may have altered the alarm.

Hosh looked at the alarm setting. Sure enough, it was set to eight o'clock, instead of the usual six. Hosh forwarded the clock hands to five minutes to eight.

It was really only 12 minutes past six, but since the sun didn't come out till late in a wintry New Zealand, he felt it was safe to do so. Moreover, the drapes had been pulled close tight so no danger of discovery presented itself from that frontier.

Swiftly and silently, he tiptoed back inside enemy lines and returned to his room after placing the clock back where it belonged. Then he undressed, snuggled back into his still warm bed, and smiled again into his pillow. His heart was beating fast. Anticipation flooded back in him again.

This time, things happened as he had envisioned. The alarm went off, and he saw in his mind’s eye, the routines Rosh went through each morning.

Finally, the sweet sound of victory reverberated in the whole house. Rosh was yelling. Isha was frantic. Hosh dived deeper into his bed, and pretended to sleep.

His door finally flew open. Rosh exploded into his room, completely soaked, dyed and shivering. His face was livid with rage, but he looked quite comical. Before he could say a word, Isha flew in after him, and bellowed, "What's all this nonsense?"

"What?" blabbered Hosh, now suddenly afraid. His duvet couldn't shield him if the tempest broke now.

"This!" she raged, and pointed at Rosh. But he couldn't reply. He was lost for words.

"You... ” Rosh stammered. “You... I’ll get you for this."

With his teeth now chattering with the cold, he stomped out of Hosh’s room and re-entered his bathroom. He occupied it for a very long time. Isha heated water in pots on the stove and delivered them to him. When he finally emerged, red and purple streaks were glowing on his face from all the scrubbing.

Hosh finally got out of his bed, dressed and walked out to sit at the table, waiting for his breakfast. Rosh eyed him with anger, but didn’t say anything more. He was changing into his last pair of clean ironed clothes, getting ready for work.

Hosh knew that all the rest of his work-clothes were drying outside from last night‘s laundry. He waited quietly at the breakfast table, trying not to look at Rosh, and nibbled at a carrot.

Rosh finished combing his hair and came to sit in his usual seat, at the head of the table. For a moment or two, silence reigned. Then all hell broke loose.

But this time, Hosh didn't wait around to see what would happen. He jumped and ran out of the home - into the safety of numbers outside, the moment the first shriek escaped Rosh’s mouth. He knew he was safe among people walking on the street.

But Rosh caught up with him, lifted him off the ground without breaking his stride, and effortlessly lobbed him high up into the air. Then he heard his father's loving voice, “Get up lazy bones! It’s time to rise and shine.”

Hosh looked up at Rosh from his bed, completely confused. Then as he awoke slowly, it dawned on him. He smiled up at his father, who had already trapped his young son in his usual bear hug. Rosh loved him, and he knew it.

‘Revenge isn't best served cold,’ he thought happily. 'It’s best not served at all! A lot could have gone wrong... The Simpsons just wasn't worth it.’

An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. Mahatma Gandhi

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