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From my fridge's POV :)"Ma", Hosh said, "For my flatting plans next semester, give me a quick tip on fridges."

"You want a Crash Course on Fridges", Isha laughed, "Sure."

"As with my tips on using stoves, hot water, laptops and energy saver bulbs, watch your power bill."

"It tells you a lot if you are listening. Not just about your usage patterns. But also about the health and efficiency of your appliances and electrical equipment."

"For a healthy and efficient fridge and freezer, check the temperature settings. You should be aiming for 3-4 degrees for fridges, and between -15 and -18 degrees for freezers."

"But a fridge's health shouldn't be simply determined by how cold and fresh it keeps food. It's also about how well it holds in the temperature."

"If your fridge or freezer doesn't seal properly, your power bills are going to rise and your food inside will spoil faster than it should."

"If your microwave or stove oven doesn't seal properly, your power bills are going to rise again as your food inside will not be cooking as fast as it should."

"I recently read a cool tip on checking appliance seals in the LJ Hooker Property News. It said that an easy way to check them was by placing a $5 note between the seal and the door."

"Close the door. A bit of the note would still be visible. Pull it out. If the note pulls out too easily, you may have to change your door seals or the appliance's hinge."

"Replacing the seals on the fridge or ovens is easy. To find out what seal is most appropriate for your fridge, or for other tips on how to live more efficiently, check out liveability.com.au "

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