Rosh Story

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  • Unsoiled By Muddy Paths

    Muddy PathA pristine Mai Loi, unsoiled by muddy paths on a dark rainy night, is delivered by her husband Kabir to a grocer.

    So, she can sleep with him to repay their debt...

  • Vedas And Upanishads

    Chanting Ved"What we do in life, what choices we make in life comes from our perception of who we are."

    "But that still doesn't make it clearer for me how I am that?" asked Josh. "How can I be the same as you, or one with Nature or God?"

  • What Do We Work For?

    St. Croix Sunset‘What do we work for?’ Rosh reflects, when his son tries to buy an hour of his time.

    For money, or for the ability to spend our time & money with our loved ones...

  • What Does Khan Eat?

    Buffet fit for a KingRosh yearns to recover his money’s worth while dining at Valentines, a New Zealand buffet restaurant.

    But the moment Isha places marine flesh in her mouth, she feels so nauseated that …

    Their interesting tale reminds Qosh of Khan’s antics.

  • What Is Mine?

    HutWhat is mine? What is yours? Is it borrowed wealth or real capital?

    What is this world, this life? These possessions, these relationships?

    Insightful Sufi story...

  • What Kinship With The World?

    Buddha Quote 103What kinship do we have with the world, asks Kabir, haman duniya se yari kya?

    Kabir’s sufi Ghazal: Haman hai ishq mastana, haman ko hoshiyari kya explained.

  • What Makes 100%?

    father and sonJosh laughed at the funny joke. Rosh loved it, that he’d got it straight away.

    “Wanna play a game?” he asked.

    Josh nodded, a happy smile suddenly breaking up on his face.

  • Who Packs Our Parachutes?

    Jump over Mt. RainierWho packs our parachutes?

    Story about recognizing and being grateful to people who support us in our life’s journey.

    Also, Rosh’s reflections on 2016 milestones